Quality Policy

General statement on quality standards policy

As part of its Quality Standards System, the company FUNERÀRIES DE CATALUNYA S.A., known commercially by its trading name FUNECAT, sets out below its quality standards policy that guides corporate activities.

The product offered by the firm, consisting of the provision of specialist services geared towards International Assistance and Repatriation Services, are governed by a series of regulatory standards with the aim of making said services effective, agile, safe and committed. We also take on the commitment to fulfil legal and regulatory commitments of both our clients as well as our own.

All of the foregoing implies that the quality standards policy established (and permanent while no other replacement policy is drafted) consists of having on-hand a human team with the necessary professional training, aware of and in tune with the spirit in which it was devised, with a group of outsourced service providers with sufficient standing and acknowledgement in the sector, along with the compliance with all the quality standards outlined.

Likewise, the elements and components acquired externally, must be compliant with the quality standards policy, both insomuch as its content on intrinsic quality, as well as the classification of supplies.

Below is a list of some of the main basic and significant points that comprise the quality standards policy:

With the aim of accomplishing and managing these aims, that are reviewed on an ongoing basis, the Quality Division, with the approval of the Company’s senior management, shall periodically established “Quality Aims”.

Main points forming the quality standards policy

  • Achieving full satisfaction on the part of our clients, involving all staff employed in the company in the accomplishment of this goal.
  • Setting as the main aim “doing things well first time around”.
  • Solving immediately problems that are detected and preventing their repetition.
  • Individual and collective commitment to continuous improvement in the provision of services, as well as our working processes.
  • Facilitating suitable means, along with on-going professional training plans, thus to foster the development of the professional skills of staff within the Company.
  • Our policy is respectful of our values. We deeply believe in the commitment to meet our clients and our own legal and regulatory requirements in force, whilst also caring for the environment and our surroundings.
  • Our team is aware of the special nature of our professional activity, the reason for which our interaction with our clients is, and will always be, welcoming, approachable, humane, respectful and professional.

Periodically, quality aims will be devised, the accomplishment of which will be reviewed and verified. The aims, as well as the Quality Standards Policy, are disseminated, understood and taken on-board. The effectiveness and suitability of the Quality System is verified through the carrying out of audits.