Frequently Asked Questions
About Repatriation

What can I do? Where do I begin? Who can help me?

As specialists in repatriation services, we are at your disposal to help you organise the return home of your loved one.

Can I arrange a repatriation from abroad?

From Funecat we can manage on your behalf all aspects of repatriation, thus saving you from the inconvenience of travelling to our country.

What specifically does the repatriation service include?

From the time of death until the transfer takes place there is a long road ahead. It is necessary to make arrangements for all the permits and documents required by local authorities, as well as meeting the requisites of the country of destination.

What parties are involved in the repatriation process?

Managing a repatriation service is complex. All the procedures involved require a long management process because most of them are not simultaneous, but consecutive. In addition to funeral companies, health authorities, several bodies belonging to the Ministry of Justice, diplomatic delegations, aeronautical sector agents and the customs service, among others, are all involved in the process.

In Funecat we spare no resources to speed up this process as much as possible. Our close cooperation with the above-mentioned entities allows us to shorten the maximum deadlines for management, which is much appreciated by our customers.

Who organises the transport?

Funecat carries out all necessary steps at the airport and books any flights.

What is the legislative framework regulating the repatriation process?

The legal framework in Spain are the Health and Mortuary Police Regulations, in force since 1974. The international treaties covering the management of repatriations are the Berlin Agreement, signed in 1937 and the Strasbourg Agreement, which was ratified by Spain in 1992.