Professional Services


Funecat represents a strategic advantage to our customers.  Regardless of the size or complexity of your needs, your company benefits from our capacity, our expertise and our experience. All our efforts are aimed at becoming a useful and effective resource.  Thanks to our business model, we are a company with the ability to adapt to your requirements. We make your needs our own and manage our services effectively, without ever forgetting the human touch, which is such a decisive factor in our work. Therefore, our professional work is complemented by a personal and sensitive approach in response to the needs of customers requiring our services. This is how we have become a decisive supplement for those companies wishing to offer their customers a quality specialised service.

• Funeral companies: From our Call Centre we offer you our services 24 hours a day and provide personalised assistance to your policyholders.

• Assistance companies: we offer you the opportunity to have at your disposal the services of a leading company in the sector who you can trust with your repatriation services management.